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Bonus treatments, payment, cancellation policy and delays:

Reviewed and updated 12/5/2024

Welcome offer:

A client who pays the regular rate is eligible for a 10% discount on their first appointment. If the client wishes to purchase a multipack after the first treatment, it can be deducted from the multipack.

Please note: if a client wants to share the multipack with another person, this needs to be noted before the purchase, mentioning the name of the other client.

Bonus treatments:

A client is eligible for a bonus treatment after each 10 paid appointments (a new cycle starts after the bonus treatment). The length of the bonus treatment is the average of the client’s prior appointments. Bonus appointment can be added to a regular booking but the treatment length cannot exceed 2h. If a 10x multipack is shared, only one person is eligible for the bonus. If the first appointment was a gift, it counts towards the bonus treatment for the receiver.


Individual appointments:
New clients in particular are asked to make a minimum 50% advance payment via Tikkie or transfer as a booking confirmation. The rest may be paid in cash, however I strongly prefer a digital payment. Invoice and/or payment receipt can be issued. The remaining payment is expected immediately after the appointment, maximum within three days.

The payment may be divided into two equal instalments. The first instalment/full value must be paid prior to the first treatment of the pack. The second instalment must be paid after the first half of the total number treatments. 14 days payment terms.

6x multipacks are valid for 6 months and 10x multipacks for 11 months from the invoice date. Should I be prevented from working consecutively for more than three weeks, the validity of the multipacks will be extended by one week per three weeks. If I terminate my business, relocate to another city, or other circumstances from my side prevent the customer from completing the multipack, the full remaining value will be reimbursed to the customer within 10 days from informing the client. In case of relocation of the client, giving birth to a child, or a prolonged illness, individual negotiation can be made to find the best solution for either extending the validity or reimbursing the remaining value, in which case 10€ of administration costs will be held. In general, I stay in contact with my clients, however it is the responsibility of the client to follow the validity of the multipack. Multipacks can be used by multiple people (e.g. family members), who may decide amongst themselves who gets the bonus treatment (included in 10x packs).

Delays and cancellations:

– if the client is delayed, the rate of the booked appointment applies;
– the treatment will end on time;
– a delay of 20 minutes will be considered a cancellation and the treatment will not be given;
– if I have a delay, I will compensate for the time accordingly.

24h cancellation policy (excluding domiciliary appointments):
– rescheduling is possible until 24h prior to the scheduled appointment;
– in case of late cancellation, 75% of the treatment value will be held. The possible remaining amount will be refunded within 10 working days. If the advance payment was less than 75%, the client has 14 days to complete the payment. Afterwards, new appointment can be booked;
– in case of an unforeseen sudden illness of a child or family member within 24 hours prior to the appointment and which prohibits you from coming to your appointment, the above applies with 50% charge. You may also transfer the appointment to someone else who can attend at the scheduled time;
– in case of an unforeseen sudden illness within 24 hours prior to the appointment, it can be rescheduled without a charge, or the total advance payment will be refunded within 10 working days. In this case, a new appointment must be booked within 2 months; otherwise, 75% will be charged, and the client has 14 days to complete the payment. You may also transfer the appointment to someone else who can attend at the scheduled time;
– if the appointment is a part of a multipack, the above model applies based on the rate of an individual treatment from the multipack. It is also possible to add the remaining 25% or 50% of the treatment time to the next appointment, however the treatment length cannot exceed 2h;
– in case of no-show, 100% of the treatment value will be held or the appointment will be deducted from the multipack;
– for domiciliary appointments, see the bottom of the page.

If I am forced to reschedule an appointment, the advance payment will be refunded within 10 days if we cannot find a new suitable time within three weeks from the scheduled appointment.

Repeated cancellations or rescheduling

– in case of two consecutive cancellations, a new appointment can be made only after the longest booked appointment is paid in full;
– after two consecutive cancellations by a new client, the 10% welcome offer will not apply.

Invoice reminders:

If an invoice has not been paid within 14 days, a reminder will be sent. Each reminder has 5€ of administration costs. After three unsuccessful reminders, a legal payment demand will be issued. In case of a delayed payment after an individual appointment, a reminder message is sent after three days. If it has not been paid within a week, an invoice will be issued with the previously mentioned conditions.

If the customer has financial difficulties, it is always best to contact me and be open about it than leave an invoice unpaid.

Domiciliary appointments

Massage-on-location can only be arranged by contacting me. The above discounts and offers do not apply directly to domiciliary appointments. An extra charge of 30,25€ will be added to the regular treatment price, including travelling up to 40km back-forth (starting point at the Dokhuis). Every additional starting 5km will be charged at 3,63€. If necessary, the 75% late cancellation fee will be calculated from the full domiciliary appointment price regardless of the reason for cancellation. If I was on my way to the location at the time of the cancellation, the treatment will be charged in full. It is possible to transfer the appointment to another person at the same location at the scheduled time.