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Tues-Weds 10.00-22.00, Sat 10.00-19.00

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Happy 2024 with pampering massages!

Happy New Year! If you were looking for a massage… I’ve got some news! I’ll restart on 23rd January at Dokhuis, Plantage Doklaan 8, 1018 CM Amsterdam, with a convenient …

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Research on benefits of touch on mental well-being

As a masseur and a touchy person, it is sometimes challenging to communicate with words the multiple benefits of massage (and movement). I can see and feel the benefits in …

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Available again as of 6th September

August is a month of dancing, performing, massaging, and training. Unfortunately, despite requests, I cannot make new appointments for August, so we can meet again as of 6th September. The …

Back to work on 4th September 🙂

Greetings from Austria! I still have some vacation time left, enjoying it very much. See you in about a week’s time. The booking calendar will be updated soon for September. …

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Updated visual appearance with new photos

The website and the visual appearance of TME is getting updated with photos by Seraina Wams Fotografie. I had a “day off” early May, meaning a photoshoot. It was a …